Great Pyrenees

Name: Shadow

Age: 1 year 9 months 

Job: Guarding the livestock and family (and looking pretty of course)

This is are lil BIG lady, Shadow she's one of our guard dogs she is a wonder with the other animals great with are kids and loves all the attention she can get. Not to mention she is a wonderful guard dog. We used to have coyotees come right into are small barn and kill are baby chickens and Ducks that were in the brooder box. We have not had one coyotee problem after we got her. She is going on two this year. She is currently coming into her heat (January 22nd) so we will be expecting pups within the next 9 to 10 weeks if you would like to reserve your pup just shoot us an E-mail. Prices will range from $200-$500. These will be wonderful pups.

heeeeeeeeeres GUS

Name: Boomer JR. (AKA GUS)

Age: 5 years

Job: Keeping the farm safe

This is big boy Gus he is are lazy man don't get me wrong he is a great guard dog But he takes his naps when ever he can. As far as people go he loves them and he will let you know when he wants attention simply by coming along side of you and lifting you hand to his he with his nose. He's a good boy and loves the farm life.


This is how I found GUS the other day taking one of if much needed naps in the middle of the day. Laying next to his bowl with food all over the ground and little on his lip. (I wonder what he's dreaming about?)

Pom Chi

Name: Suzy Q (AKA SUES)

Age: 1 year

Job: To be loved by all

This here is Suzy, she's are little girl we got her from CL about six months ago she is the apple of are eye she is totally spoiled. She is are daughters dog. She will be going to are local fairs and enjoying the good life she is as sweet and candy and loves everyone and tolerates everything. We love her to pieces.



Mini Aussies

Name: Lance

Age: 11 months

Job: To be best buds with are boys

This is lance he is about one of the cutest little guys you'll ever meet he is full of pep. He is a red merle with Amber eyes very sweet and loving will do anything for attention and a treat!!! I think he will make a good agility dog going to start training in spring.

Who's the girl with the blue eye??

Name: Rolly

Age: 3 1/2 years

Job: She runs the show at least she thinks she does

This is Rolly she is are little miss bossy, "you do what your told or else". She is wonderful with the kids loves to lay around and she sounds like an old lady when she barks but she is far from that.